Public Space

Protection against genuine and false claims in public spaces.

Public Space

High Footfall in Public Environment

Anyone with a duty of care to the public will be familiar to the potential dangers of high footfall. Over and above the natural hazards of large areas of smooth floor surfaces, steps, slopes, entrances and exits - water ingress, food, spills and liquids all increase the potential for Slips and Trips.

With 75% of all claims to Shopping Centres now coming under this category and being an “uninsurable risk”, centre managers have been turning to SlipTest for independent testing and protection against both genuine and false claims. Not only does our advice protect the public, it can also protect the Centres’ bottom line.

It is not only Shopping Centres who are vulnerable to these risks, Transport Terminals, Museums, Catering and Leisure Facilities all benefit from the independent Safety Audit and Risk Analysis provided by SlipTest.