SlipTest visit Health & Safety North

Health and Safety North was established in 2007, and is where safety & health practitioners and communities from across the north of England come together to learn, network and procure.

This year SlipTest sent our Business Development Manager, Harry Beacall to check things out!

Having never attended the event before Harry found it very interesting with an array of exhibitors and people from across the sector.  What really stood out to Harry was that many of the people he spoke with hadn’t heard of slip resistance testing.

There seemed to be a notion that flooring, ramps, stairs, and other surfaces are tested in the lab but then never checked again to see if they are still doing the job to the standard they should be.

In all industries, wear and tear, contamination, cleaning and many more factors have an influence on slip resistance and mean it does not necessarily perform in the way it did in the lab.  It’s really important to check this out on a regular basis and put measures in place to ensure performance is as good as it should be and reduce the risk of Slips, Trips and Falls on your premises.

SlipTest are looking forward to attending ‘The Health and Safety Event’ at the NEC in April

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