SlipTest support Olivia Adams through her work with the Snehalaya charity as part of the Leeds RAG project

Friend of SlipTest, Olivia Adams, will be visting India in April for two weeks to work with the Snehalaya charity as part of Leeds RAG project.  SlipTest have have made a donation to support Olivia in this very worthwhile project.

Olivia's Blog - Part one:

In April this year I will be going to India for two weeks to work with the Snehalaya charity as part of the Leeds RAG project. Whilst there, I will be helping women, children and LGBT communities who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, trafficking and sexual violence and poverty.

Snehalaya was founded in 1989 by Girish Kulkarni and means 'Home of Love'. The charity operate's in Ahmednagar, a town and district in the agricultural region of Maharashtra, India, and provide services to over 15,000 beneficiaries. 

In India it is estimated 93 women are raped everyday and 135,000 children are trafficked every year. HIV and AIDS are rife in Indian communities and over 120,000 women suffer domestic abuse every year. Snehalaya works closely with local communities to provide love and support and every £ goes a long way.

I have always wanted to go out and help those in need and it seemed the perfect opportunity to do this through my University and work with such an amazing Charity. Before I go I have to raise money for the charity and it goes directly to them, so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Follow this link to donate to my fundraising page:

And if you want to learn more about the charity there is a video on my fundraising page!

Here is some information about how fundraising can help:

  • £5 Provides life saving formula and nappies for a new born for a week
  • £18 Pays for a premature infants vital care plan for a week
  • £55 Runs our day care project to feed 200 children and a safe invigilated place for study or relax
  • £80 Provides an ostracised expectant mother all her health screenings throughout her pregnancy
  • £800 Ensures our adoption centre has a much needed new incubator
  • £1000 Pays the wages of a teacher for a whole year

Thankyou for your support!




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