SlipTest introduce a Gloss Meter

In recent years, we have seen more and more customers specify High Gloss finished flooring and there is a perception that this type of finish carries a higher risk of a Slip, Trip or Fall.  But this is not necessarily the case.

SlipTest have recently introduced a piece of equipment called a Gloss Meter, this is to measure the shine of these types of floor.  This is carried out using small portable device, that fires a measured beam of light at a set "incident" angle, and measures the return beam of the reflection angle.

Testing can help to ensure you keep the shine at a consistent level, it is also helpful to measure the amount of the reflection from the floor’s surface and the way in which the light scatters and reflects from it.  It is another tool to help build a picture when assessing the risk of slip.

We are experienced in helping customers to manage these types of floors and as with all flooring the cleaning regime and products you use to maintain the surface has a massive impact on the slip resistance.  But it is also important to consider the light scatter - it may be that when the sun shines on the floor, a glare is being created increasing the risk of a Slip, Trip or Fall too.

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