Preventing Trips and Falls

  • Carry out regular tests and audits to certified and Government national standards

  • Remove spillages promptly

  • Leave floors dry after cleaning and ensure relevant signage is out to warn people

  • Use the correct cleaning methods and products, and ensure these have been independently tested

  • Ensure cleaning method is suitable and effective for the type of floor and ensure products are mixed to the correct concentration

  • Use entrance matting

  • Have effective arrangements for both routine cleaning and dealing with spills

  • Check for loose, damaged and worn flooring and replace as needed

  • Choose a floor surface that is not/will not become unduly slippery

  • Remove any obstructions

  • Ensure sufficient lighting

  • Ensure slopes or steps are clearly visible

  • Keep flooring clear of obstructions

  • Introduce CCTV as a deterrent in quieter areas or those where risk of a slip is higher

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