Over 90% of Winter Boots fail slip resistance test

Reports show that Canadian Researchers have found that over 90% of winter boots fail slip resistance tests.  With People's choice of footwear being something you have no control over, especially if you are responsible for a public space, it just demonstrates yet more reasons for you to be managing all aspects you can to help prevent Slips, Trips and Falls on your premises.

The researchers from the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute have rated a number of pair of boots with a slip resistance value and plan to add more to the list over time.  These ratings are similar to those given to winter tyres they say.

Although Canada experience more severe weather than we do, most of us are already de-icing our cars in the mornings and evenings as the weather has turned in the UK, meaning risks of Slips, Trips and falls increase and not just outside where the roads and paths are icy but inside where grit, salt and liquid are being brought in onto the floors.  Food for thought.

The full report can be read here.

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